Five Fold Ministry

Discover your kingdom strength. Every one of us has been called to build up the Body of Christ. Take the Five Fold Ministry Test now to discover your kingdom strengths.

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Circles of Covenant

The company you keep around you is crucial to your growth. Are you surrounded by spiritual giants who sharpen you or butter knives that keep you at surface level? This tool helps you realize who you are currently the most transparent with and helps you re-evaluate who you need to get closer to or keep out of your inner circle.

Circles of Covenant Template

Time Management

Your time is valuable. What are you investing it in? These are two great tools to look at your week in a bird’s eye view and hone in on what you are spending your time doing. The second time investment tool looks at who you are spending your time with and goals to make better time investment.

Time Investment Template I
Time Investment Template II

The 5 Love Languages

The five love languages– physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time, and acts of service. Which of these make you feel the most loved by others? Knowing this about yourself and others close to you is valuable in your relationships.

Take this quiz and find out yours.

Strengths Finder

Uncover your talents and strengths so that you can thrive as a leader and operate in your full potential.

Take this test and find out what your strengths are.

Guarding Your Heart

This tool helps you evaluate what areas in your heart need attention so that you can operate in your fullest potential.

Guarding Your Heart

Lie Detector

Don’t beat around the bush, get to the root of the issue. Using this tool will help you address any lies that may have surfaced as a result of a situation or experience in your life.

Lie Detector Template

Orphan Mentality

An Orphan Spirit stronghold is established through fear and uses control and manipulation to get needs met. Start breaking the stronghold and learn the 10 root causes of the orphan mentality.

Orphan Mentality

Healthy Dating

Are you dating, in a relationship, or preparing for you future relationship? Here are some practical ways to help you stay healthy and maintain purity within the relationship.

Healthy Dating Boundaries
Healthy Dating Boundaries_II

Get To Know You Questions

Meeting with someone for the first time and not sure how to get the dialogue going? Use these ‘get to know you’ questions to help initiate a conversation.

Get To Know You Questions

Who I Am Poster

Your decisions prove what you believe about yourself.  If you have ever questioned your identity or who God says you are, download this poster and hang it on your wall.  Make it the backdrop on your phone or computer.  Memorize it and write it on your heart, because knowing and believing who God says you are is an important step to living outrageously.

Download “I AM…” Poster

Purpose Builder

Remember when Jesus didn’t know what to do with his life or where to go? Neither do I. That’s because he had a crystal clear purpose. This tool will help you create your own outrageous purpose. Click here to develop your purpose.

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