We're back! But we're doing something new

Epic Life is returning as a monthly gathering. But we are pursuing so much more than a gathering.

Empowering People With Truth

Empowering People With Truth

From local monthly gatherings to reaching the globe through our podcasts, books and videos, we are on a mission to empower people around the world with truth.

Pioneering New Ideas

Pioneering New Ideas

We believe the best way to change the world is to create a better one. We bring kingdom ideas to life and by giving our community a place to develop and launch their ideas.

Inspiring Generosity

Inspiring Generosity

A significant portion of every dollar we take in will go to benefit those in and around our community who are in need. We are in pursuit of outrageous demonstrations of generosity.

Cultivating Leaders

Cultivating Leaders

We are committed to turning followers into leadership through our development process that awakens people to their God given callings.

We’re awakening people to their God given calling and empowering them to make a kingdom impact.

For too many of us, our vision for kingdom impact has been reduced down to simply attending a church service.

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What To Expect

Connect with likeminded believers, grow in your faith, and be inspired to make a kingdom impact.


New and Old Friends

Connect with old friends and create new ones. Epic Life is a community of hundreds of young adults who love Jesus and want to make an impact in the world. You will meet diverse people from all walks of life. Find people who share the same values and passions and connect with powerful people making waves in the city.

Great Food

Great things happen when people get to share a bite of delicious food. Each gathering is catered by a local caterer. However, to enjoy the free food you have to be sure to be there by 6:30pm.


Powerful Time of Worship

Connecting with God in worship is essential to a thriving relationship with Him. Each gathering we will bring in gifted worship leaders to foster a powerful time to connect with God.

Inspirational Teaching

Each gathering we’ll bring you an inspirational message the calls you to action to live a radical life, that build your identity and deepens your relationship with God.


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