We’re on a mission to unleash people to live lives of significance

Epic Life is not just a gathering of people. It’s a model for kingdom impact utilizing truth, creativity, generosity and leadership development. These are our 4 strategies for creating exponential impact locally and globally.

Empower People With Truth

Truth is transformation. We gather people, create content and promote the truth to reach the ends of the earth. Here’s how.

  • Epic Life Gatherings: We meet each month in Sacramento to connect and grow.
  • Epic Life Podcast: Our podcast has reached tens of thousands of people in over 150 countries. Listen to messages.
  • Epic Life Publishing: Books and resources to help believers grow in their faith.

Pioneer New Ideas

The best way to change culture is to create new culture. Entrepreneurship, creativity and exploration is essential to transformation. Here’s how we plan to do it.

  • Fund Ideas: A significant portion of our budget to help fund ideas, groups and ventures from within our community.
  • Create solutions: From software apps, to small groups, to new startups, we answer problems with new ideas.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Events, resources and groups to develop kingdom entrepreneurs.

Inspire Generosity

God so loved the world that he gave. We are inspiring a new generation of wildly generous people while meeting local needs. Here’s how.

  • Budgetary Commitment: A substantial portion of every dollar we bring in is set aside to give away.
  • Community Focus: Meeting the needs of those who are within our local community. 
  • Funding Acts of Kindness: Giving our community access to our 
  • Generosity Initiative: A powerful software app that helps people give in a new way (coming 2019)

Cultivate Leaders

We are passionate about converting followers into leaders so they can be equipped and released into the world.

  • Discipleship Training: Proven trainings and resources to develop people capable of leading others. 
  • Transformation 1:1: A system of replicating truth and transformation among believers. 
  • Personal Development: Empowering people to live intenationally in every area of their life.

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