About Christ Life

Christ Life is a ministry that is transforming Christians around the world. It is an intensive small group series broken up into 3 phases (Phase 1, 2 and 3) which guides you through personal transformation like you have never known.

Phase 1 - Replacing Lies with Truth

Christ Life phase 1 is limited to small groups of no more than 5 people + 1 facilitator and meets weekly. Phase 1 takes you back to the foundational roots of your life to establish God’s truth in times of brokenness.

You were mostly likely raised with the best of intentions, but life doesn’t always turn out the way people hope and expect. Many of us experienced things we never should have experienced and everyone has experienced pain emotionally and spiritually.

Together, we journey back to those foundational times and moments to understand the impact of those past moments shaped your future and perceptions. We identify lies and replace them with truth to allow you to move on to be who God has designed you to be.

Warning: This group requires significant work personally and emotionally, requires regular attendance and is not for everyone. Please inquire for more information before joining. Epic Life hosts 5-7 phase 1 groups each quarter and space is limited and fills up fast.

Phase 2 – Undestanding God’s Covenant

Phase 2 is all about understanding and God’s covenant for you and living from a place of strength and security. Our phase 2 groups can have up to 10 people +  facilitator and meets weekly.

We take you through the significance of covenant and grow you to live in complete rest and security of God that He did for you. He did it all and abandoning self reliance will produce peace in your relationship with God.

Phase 3 – Renewing Your Mind

Now that you have identified lies and replaced them with truth in phase 1 and have also established your identity within all God has accomplished on your behalf, Phase 3 is about transforming your mind.

Our largest group which can be over 10 people + 1-2 facilitators will guide you some of the most transformational truths to live by. It will show you to how live and think differently about your choices and about the potential to live intentionally and powerfully.

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