You Are Dearly Loved By God

Jesus is inviting you to a relationship with Him and to join the family of God.

You were created to know and experience God and to be something amazing.

Knowing Jesus is not about avoiding hell. It’s about receiving life and receiving fullness of life. It’s about being reconciled to the greatest love in the universe. Jesus made a way for you to have deep and intimate relationship with him. Relationship where you hear his voice, reason with him and help him love the world.

You have been designed to be the carrier of God’s presence and be united with him. It’s available to you right now and it’s free. It only requires your desire and your choice. Relationship with Jesus doesn’t come easy. You think it’s all about what you have to do, but it actually is all about what Jesus has already done.

Jesus wants you to rest in his perfect love and be who he made you. When Jesus looks at you, he isn’t seeing what you see. He sees a beloved son and daughter in whom he is well pleased. Jesus is well pleased with you before you ever did a single thing.

Relationship with Jesus is so difficult because we think we have to earn Jesus’s love and have to pay him back. But that’s not how it works. You can’t earn his love and you can’t lose it. His love is not contingent on you.

Jesus doesn’t need your money; doesn’t need your attendance; doesn’t need your good behavior. Jesus simply needs your permission. Permission to begin a journey with him. He is waiting to see if you will allow him to show you all he sees and thinks about you.

But Jesus won’t force you to love him. He wants you to love him back at your own decision. You see, authentic love is about mutual choice. Jesus has already chosen you, but is waiting for you to choose him back.

The problem is, most have been introduced to Jesus by the fear of Hell, not by the love of God.

If that’s you, Jesus wants to start over. Real love cannot be based in fear and being afraid of hell does not equate to loving Jesus. Jesus cannot wait for you to choose him back and explore what real relationship with him is like.

Relationship with Jesus is not about going to church and it’s not about avoiding bad things. Relationship with Jesus is exactly that – a relationship. It’s a relationship like any other – one that you experience, participate and contribute to.

A real relationship takes your participation to make it real. Like anything new, Jesus knows it will probably be a slow start and you won’t feel like you are any good at it. That’s okay. But be patient. All great relationships take time. It’s worth it and Jesus won’t rush you or pressure you into growing faster or being better.

He knows you are getting to know him and will go at your pace. He will let you decide and will reciprocate as you are ready – draw near to him and he will draw near to you.

Oh, and don’t worry about all the other people. Your relationship with Jesus is your own. It doesn’t have to look like, sound like or be like anyone else’s. No two relationships are the same, so don’t expect a carbon copy relationship with Jesus.

Be free to create relationship with Jesus however you like. He doesn’t mind as long as you are learning to know him. He wants to be known by you and will do anything for that to happen.

As you get to know him, he will tell you what he thinks and will ask you what you think. He will bring thoughts and ideas to your mind that are not your own. He will start to make your heart aware to his heart. You will begin to feel nudges in your spirit that are his. They are subtle, but if you listen for them, they are there. There are even there right now.

You can do this if you want. If you’re not ready, that’s fine too. But if you are, simply make a declaration simple declaration ad believe in your heart this will happen.  

But why do you need to say it out loud? Because God spoke things into existence with spoken words. In similar manner, your words bring into existence the power of God into your own life. Words create worlds and your words are powerful – powerful enough to bring the very same spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead to now dwell in you.

Ready? Here you go.

Jesus, I believe you are the son of God. I believe you came to this earth and died for me and then rose again. Jesus you are Lord of all. I receive your promise of the Holy Spirit to teach me and guide me into relationship with you and invite you now. Amen.

Those few words and the belief in your heart have set in a motion a brand new life and future for you. You may not feel any different now, and that’s okay. This is just the beginning.

Some additional great news is that you just inherited a lot of new family. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who cannot wait to meet you and have been praying for you. You are not supposed to go on this journey alone.

You are supposed to join them as they go through the same exact journey you just started. They will help you and walk alongside of you. If you are ready to let me them know you have joined them, you can do that here and they will do everything in their power to help you.

They love you like Jesus and cannot wait to grow in relationship with you too.

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