Our Story

We’re on a mission to impact the world for Jesus and we are doing it with an all volunteer force of passionate young adults on the pursuit of a life of significance. We met for 10 years as a weekly young adult gathering at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento and concluded our decade of weekly services in early 2017.

We stepped away for a season feeling a stir in our hearts for a something bigger and more significant than simply a weekly service. Over the following year, we felt a deep stirring to become a multifaceted organization that pursues something much bigger and greater than a service.

It’s been over a year since we stepped away and we are reemerging again now to pursue the greater vision God has given us. We are returning, but not just as a service, but as a new type of organization focused around empowerment and impact. We are pursuing a global influence through truth, creativity, generosity and leadership development.

We are not a church. We are a platform for kingdom impact that invites believers of all age to a place where their gifts, ideas, passions and ability have a home to be explored, matured and used. We are pursuing a global influence while assembling locally each month.

Locally, we are seeking to unleash the amazing God given potential within the body, while pursuing city reformation and church unity. We welcome people of all churches, ages, and origins to be a part of something new.

Globally, we are mindful that the potential for global influence and impact is unprecedented. We are in hot pursuit of using technology to bring our message of hope, truth and transformation to believers around the globe using podcasts, videos, resources, apps, books and more to reach millions of people.

You can read more about our model for impact here and get involved in attending one of our local gatherings here or subscribing to one of our many projects.

If you want to advance our mission and expedite our progress, we invite you to make a charitable contribution where the entirety of your donation will be used to reach and impact as many people as possible.

Be Part of Our Local Gatherings.