100k Followers in 30 Days

By Journal

One month ago, we wrote about our mission to attract a million followers. We mentioned that we would follow up each month with our progress. Well, today 30 days later, we now have over 100,000 followers


We had a theory, but we must admit that our theory is working better than we expected. Are a few screenshots.

April 13, we had just under 1400 followers on Facebook. Today, May 13, we have just over 100,000. We grew our instagram by 50% to 740 followers.

Obviously our Facebook following is crushing it. We attribute this to the shareable nature that Facebook has — people can repost and share with a single click. The viral nature of content on Facebook is much more favorable than Instagram. 

We are taking our 10 years of content and putting them into well designed, timely posts and getting them in front of audiences without any agenda. Not a single post has asked for a purchase or other request from the audience. We are just feeding them 5 seconds at a time, 3 times a day.

We are working on increasing our Instagram reach, so if anyone wants to help us accelerate that growth, we would love to hear from you.

We plan to start publishing more of our podcasts, videos and articles soon. We’ll keep you posted here each month on the social media progress as we go!

We’ll leave you with some examples of the posts we are creating.