Our Plan To Attract A Million Followers

By Journal

We are on a mission to develop a global influence. We have a theory on how we can develop millions of followers and that starts today.

In our first November vision meeting, I shared how I have a vision to build our social media influence to reach millions of people. How do you develop millions of followers? You feed them. So today is the start of that endeavor.

I am posting the screenshot of our current social media influence so we can track our journey and progress.

As of today, we have just shy of 1400 followers and fans on Facebook. On Instagram, we have 502. On Twitter, 225.

Our plan is to post helpful, inspiring, powerful and encouraging posts that are worthy to be shared, and liked. We believe there is a compounding network affect that as our audience engages, it grows. As it grows, it engages. It’s a chicken and egg problem really. But we have to start somewhere.

The goal is to start today with a post and begin posting each day in order that the algorithms that govern visibility will reward us for frequent, quality posts. This in turn should result in higher visibility to our followers. Which should result in higher engagement with hopefully more shares. Which should hopefully yield more followers.

But our plan is to start today by posting on our social media pages and begin that journey. We will post back here on the blog the progress as we go so you can follow it.

Who knows if this will work, but either way it should be interesting.