You are capable of unimaginable impact

You didn’t get saved so you could go to heaven. You got saved so that you could bring heaven to earth. You’ve been given the keys of the kingdom. It’s time to use them.

Salvation is free. Maturity is expensive.

According to the Bible, you have received fullness in Christ, possess every spiritual blessing and have the Spirit without limit — but that doesn’t mean your life produces impact.

We believe impact will follow when you understand what is in you and mature in what you have been given. For from identity flows behavior.

From Identity Flows Behavior

We’re passionate about growth and that begins with truth. We are committed to empowering people with truth so they can walk in the fullness of their life and develop themselves for maximum impact.

Our videos, podcasts, resources and truths are being viewed and downloaded by people all over the world. They are designed to empower you to grasp and walk in God’s greatest potential for your life.

God is calling you to grow. We invite you, wherever you are in your journey to come grow with us.


We invite you to explore what it means to grow in your faith. Here are ways Epic Life can empower you with truth to grow.


Attend Live Gathering

Once A Month in Sacramento California

Each month we gather together in Northern California for a powerful night of worship, community, teaching and fun. You can view all upcoming dates for live gatherings or grab tickets for our next one below.


Watch Our Videos

Learn from our video teachings

No matter where you are in the world, you can grow in your faith with teachings, trainings and videos from our gatherings and speakers.  Each month we also publish original video content to grow you in your faith. 


Audio Podcast

Audio archives from the past 10 years

Our podcast reaches over 100 countries around the the world. Our podcasts have messages, teachings, interviews testimonies from the past 10 years. The easiest way to get them is to Subscribe to iTunes podcast. You can also listen to them online by visiting the link below.


Social Media

Grow every day with our social media

Our social media presence reaches over 100,000 people each week. Follow our social media accounts for a regular stream of truth and encouragement. Each day you will get timely scriptures, inspirational quotes and hard hitting truths.


E-Courses (Coming Soon)

Learn from our team online

Right now we are working on e-courses for developing how to read and understand various topics in the Bible in addition to courses on entrepreneurship, leadership and a lot more. If you want to help expedite our e-courses, consider making a donation.