You Are The Answer To Someone’s Prayer Right Now

You have the power to be the greatest and most outrageous demonstration of love for someone. We want the Kingdom to be famous for its generosity.

We Should Be Famous For Radical Generosity

God so loved the world that He gave. When we give we are most like His nature. Giving is a natural outward expression of love and is based in relationship. Unfortunately much of our giving today is absent of relationship.

You can’t have the Kingdom without radical generosity.

Christians are most known for what they against rather than what they are for. What if generosity became central to how we did everything? We aim to help inspire christians to live radically generous lives — because we belong to a radically giving God.

When we give, we become an expression of God’s nature to the world. Our hope is to inspire generosity among our body of believers that becomes famous for its kindness and outrageous nature.

And in doing so, we bring glory and fame to God’s name.


We invite you to experience radical generosity by giving of yourself, your resources, and your money for the fame of the kingdom.


Give A Generosity Fund

Every month we give away a portion of our donations to our community

You can make a donation to Epic Life and we will incorporate it into the most outrageous generous demonstration we can (and involve you). We have given away cars, sent rehab graduates to the Ritz Carlton, taken former inmates on shopping sprees and so much more. When you give the generosity fund, you’ll get connected with our team to start planning. 


Report a Need

Situations and People needing a miracle

Do you know of someone in the community who is need or a situation that needs a breakthrough? You can tell us about it and we can work on it together. You can donate your funds towards the effort and we can contribute some of our own.


Give Your Stuff

Converting your former stuff into miracles

If you have a heart to bless someone with a miracle instead of selling something on Craigslist, we want to know. We have given away cars, laptops, beds, countless items of clothes, furniture and more. If you have items in good to great condition that you want to use, let us know.


Give Your Time and Expertise

Give the gift of you

Consider giving the gift of yourself. If you don’t have money, or stuff, perhaps you can give of your time to volunteer or if you have a professional skill, offering your time to help someone in our community. It’s easy to do. Just tell us what you have to offer and we’ll let you know how you can help.


Give to Epic Life

Help Us Expand Our Mission

If you agree with our model for Kingdom impact and wish to advance our efforts, we would be honored and thrilled with your donation. Since we have no staff and almost zero overhead, almost the entirety of your donation will go towards Kingdom impact.  


Make A Miracle Fund

Prepare now to be someone’s breakthrough

One of the easiest ways for you to experience radical generosity is to take out a couple hundred dollars in cash, and put it in an envelope marked miracle. Carry that envelope with you in your car or purse and wait to see what opportunities come up.