You were never meant to remain as a follower

It’s easy to remain a follower. Followers have little expectations but also have little impact. You were made for more. You were meant to influence nations.

Followers will never change the world.

Every person has a platform of influence. More than any other time in the world, our lives are on public display for the world to see. You are designed to lead others, to influence cities, to disciple nations.

The lives we lead should demand an explanation.

While many leadership development resources focuses on communication and management skills, we focus on helping people develop wholeness and personal mastery over the details of their life.

We develop people whose lives demand explanation and are worthy of being replicated.

Why is this important? Because leadership is an impartation of one’s life to another. If you live in brokenness, dysfunction disorganization, you will impart those things into those you influence.

We call people to a higher level of intentionality with their time, relationships and commitments. We help awaken people to their calling, to develop them to being secure and strong. To guide them to being excellent in all areas of their life.

Our process and training is producing people who become CEOs, pastors, teachers, professionals, thought leaders, executives and influencers. If you want to live at a higher level and start influencing people with the substance of your life, we invite you to get involved.

Because you cannot give what you do not have. You cannot teach what you do not know. You cannot lead others where you, yourself, have never been.


We invite you to explore our resources, teachings and coaching so that you can live a powerful life of significance.


World Changers Coaching

1 on 1 coaching from anywhere in the world

Eric Waterbury is founder of our partner organization, World Changers. Eric has been creating leaders for over 20 years is helps people become who God has called them. He works with people all over the globe and his influence is reaching tens of thousands of people.

His apostolic gifting allows him to see what is in you and bring it forth, while giving you clear and firm answers to your life’s hardest questions. He will help you master your life and extract every ounce of God given potential in you. He currently works with over a hundred people including CEOs of multimillion dollar companies to high school interns. If you have a hunger for growth, he can help you get there.

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Christ Life

Replace Lies with Truth

ChristLife is one of the most transformational programs we have ever experienced. ChristLife is 3 phases, consisting of 12 weeks for each phase. While it is rigorous in commitment and effort, the results from completing ChristLife will last a lifetime. Signup below join the interest list for the next ChristLife.


Discipleship Training

Learn How Replicate Your Transformation

Learn how to grow powerfully with excellence and intentionality in your life and learn how to replicate that in others. We host multiple discipleship trainings each year. Signup below join the interest list for the next Discipleship Training.


Self Help Leadership Resources

Situations and People needing a miracle

Do you know of someone in the community who is need or a situation that needs a breakthrough? You can tell us about it and we can work on it together. You can donate your funds towards the effort and we can contribute some of our own.


Five Fold Ministry Test


Discover your kingdom strength. Every one of us has been called to build up the Body of Christ. Take the Five Fold Ministry Test now to discover your kingdom strengths.