Epic Life Lake Tahoe Recap – July 22

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Wow, what can we say? Epic Life Lake Tahoe gathering was one for the record books. Not only did we take our gathering across the state border to Nevada (Incline Village), we had our largest Epic Life gathering ever! Check out the video above by Trey Konkel and view the images at the bottom by Brandon Marshall.

A few of the local churches invited Epic Life to host our gathering at Lake Tahoe. We want to thank the local churches of Cornerstone Community Church, The Village Church and New Life Church for helping make this gathering happen.. They underwrote the cost of the gathering and we are so greatful.

The response blew everyone away. Even when we were planning with the churches, we deemed a good response would be 100 people. Well, we had upwards of nearly 400 people come! This was a great problem to have – but adjusting for that many people in the final days makes for some craziness. It was all worth it.

The gathering had people from all over the region: South Lake Tahoe, West Shore, East Shore, Truckee, Reno, and even a bunch of Sacramento people came (thank you). The worship lead by Fred, Andrea and the team was unspeakably powerful. People in the region are still raving about it.

Then at the end of the worship and before Eric Knopf took the microphone, rain started to fall. We stopped, prayed and declared the rain to hold. It made for quite the interesting next 30 minutes as thunder rolled and the occasional rain drops came down. At one point, Eric Knopf and Eric Waterbury conversed (in the middle of the message) if we should pull the plug on the message, and we stopped and declared the rain to hold again.

Eric Knopf wrapped up the message, Eric Waterbury made declarations for more time. We ended the service, and the team (plus lots of volunteers) sprung into action to tear down. We completed tear down in record time. The millisecond the door closed on the trailer, a torrential rainfall came and sustained for nearly an hour. What a time!

You can watch the message and see how it all unfolded below. And check out some of the photos from the gathering at the bottom of the page as well.

Word on the street, Lake Tahoe wants to host another Epic Life gathering. Keep your September open!

Thank you all.

Some photos from Epic Life Tahoe