Epic Life June 5th – and the Story of the New Building

By Journal

June 5, 2018 will be a day that we will remember in our ministry’s history forever. What some of you don’t know is that some of the people who lead Epic Life also are part of a software company called Webconnex. And for the past 6 months, those at Webconnex have been on a search for a new office to grow. Except the goal wasn’t just to look for office space — the goal was to look for a place where Kingdom and Business could co-exist.

In December, the perfect location was found — an old historic building in Old Sacramento. The negotiations began and terms of the deal went back and forth for a few weeks. Then at the last hour, an all cash offer from a developer in the Bay Area came in and swooped the deal.

Both those on the Webconnex side and Epic Life side were crushed. In the coming weeks and months, our people would do prayer walks and go lay hands on the building. Whenever we would exit the freeway to downtown, we would point to the building and call it home. There was something inside all of us who felt like we could pray the deal back to us. At our pre-launch worship night, we had a powerful time of prayer corporately.

Week after week, we continued our prayers and continued our walks. But all seemed hopeless.

Then 2 months later, a strange thing happened – our broker who had tried to negotiate the purchased received a phone call from a friend who wanted to share and catch up. In our broker’s inbox was a few photos from the friend. The images inside were pictures of the Old Sacramento building we had lost. Perplexed, the broker asked what he was looking at? The friend replied, “It’s the building we’re in escrow on.”  Flabbergast, our broker arranged for us to have lunch with his friend — the all cash developers.

At the lunch, the vision was shared about mixing business and kingdom and creating a entrepreneurial hub in the city which could house a growing tech company, an event center, a ministry outreach, and even a coffee shop or co-working space. By the grace of God, the developers loved the vision and welcomed us as partners in the building 50/50. The Webconnex team and developers share ownership 50/50 and Epic Life will have a new venue and place to call home.

Escrow closed on Friday June 1st, and volunteers went to work to make accommodations for our celebration gathering. Then just 4 days later, we got to celebrate this miracle partnership and the fulfillment of many prophetic words spoken over many of the people involved for city initiatives, renewal, entrepreneurship and generosity.

So that’s the story about the building. 

The night had an incredible energy and excitement that was palpable. Although we had zero air conditioning and the building was still dusty from years of nonuse, we worshipped, celebrated, laughed, and were inspired by each other. Here are some of the highlights and pics from the night. (Photos courtesy of Brandon Marshall)

People got there early to enjoy delicious food and familiar friends.

Kingdom Coffee Roasters from Folsom came down and served up incredible coffee. Their coffee slushies are ridiculous.


Ashley shared more of the story and history of the building and the vision for its future.

Worship by Fred and Andrea Butson was next level.

Eric Waterbury spoke and called people to their God-given potential

Eric Knopf shared on how we are all called to be co-creators with God in renewing the world.

Hannah Crenshaw shared her journey as she steps into her calling to write books, teach and leads others.

Eric Waterbury issued a call for people to step out and begin creating. We laid hands on each other, prayed and spoke into each other’s future.

We ended the night with thunderous worship and celebration followed by some incredible ice cream from our new neighbors.

Let’s change the world together

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Thanks for reading!

Until next time…

Eric and the rest of the Epic team.