Epic Life April 3rd Recap

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As I write this note to you, I am still on cloud nine from Tuesday (pictures and recap below). It was amazing. Not only were we blown away by the response (over 300 tickets reserved!), but people near and far came to gather with us for this relaunch.

From the Bay Area, to Lake Tahoe, to even Seattle Washington (!!!), thank you to those who made the long journey. We just opened up ticketing for our May 1 gathering downtown. Tickets are already flying – almost 20% of our available tickets are gone! So don’t delay. Get your free tickets here.

(Note: if you want to get a text message right when they are available, text your name to 916-246-2468 to be the first to know when tickets are open)

If you missed Tuesday, we hope you can be part of our next gathering. The message and podcast will be up later this week and will let you know when it’s live. I included a some photos from the night below from the night.

Be sure to follow Epic on Instagram and Facebook. We will be posting a lot in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the photos and be sure to snag your tickets!

Food Game Was Strong. The sliders tho…

New for Epic is catered food each gathering. And the foot is top notch…

Packed House

Our first gathering was in the Library Galleria in Downton Sac. We came within just a few dozen bodies from maxing out the place. We’ll be meeting there for our May 1st too. Get tickets here

Big vision…

Eric Knopf and Eric Waterbury gave a teaser of the vision for Epic and why this is not just a typical religious gathering.

Miracle Cash in Envelopes Under Seats

We stashed $500 in 3 separate envelopes under random chairs with the mandate to be a miracle for a stranger in the coming month. We’ll share what happens at the next gathering.

We laid hands on those who had the cash declaring divine opportunities and crazy demonstrations of God’s love through the miracle envelopes.


Incredible Worship

Fred and Andrea Butson and their team lead us into a powerful time of worship. The sounds of praise echoed throughout the city block.

Prophetic Declarations

Ashley shared a prophetic word for Epic Life from a dream and shared a remarkable testimony about a building.

A Call To Action To Live Lives of Significance

Eric Knopf preached a message on living lives of significance. You can watch the video here (audio now live on iTunes as well)

Breakthrough and Restoration

Eric Waterbury released breakthrough and restoration to the gathering.

An Unforgettable Time

The night ended with worship and frozen yogurt. We had the best time with you. We can’t wait to do it again next month.

Let’s change the world together

Epic Life is supported 100% through donations from people like you. We have zero staff and no overhead. So every penny of your donation helps us with these gatherings and impacting people. You can make a monthly donation in 60 seconds here.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…

Eric and the rest of the Epic team.