You Can't Cause Change Without Creating

God expresses his redemptive power by creating. We are benefactors of a new covenant, in a new life as new creations. Kingdom change requires creating.

If we want to be people of change, we must be a people who create.

If we want to change the world, we must embrace the mandate to create. Creativity is in our Kingdom DNA. God is a creator, and since we are made in His image, creating is inescapable to our call. To create is to reflect the image of God. To create is an act of worship.

To create is to reflect the image of God. To create is an act of worship.
Erwin McManus

As a community and body, we are inviting every believer to step into creativity and start creating.  Whether it is a business, event, trip, podcast or small group, you have something in you that needs to be brought into existence.

Creating is required for kingdom impact. When we create, we cause change.

If the church wants to be a force in redeeming the world, we must start sending creators and entrepreneurs in the marketplace just like we send out missionaries into the world.

Because the best way to change the world is to create a better one.


We invite you to explore what it means to for you to become a creator in the kingdom. Explore the following ways below.


Create Original Content

You have something to share

You have something the world needs to hear. The biggest question is which format it you want to share it in. Whether it is a podcast, a resource, a video, a e-course or simply a blog, we invite you to explore bringing something to life. We’ll help you get it started.


Create a Company or Cause

For entrepreneurial endeavors

If you have an idea for a company, or cause you want to pursue, we can help. We have resources, trainings and a network for successful kingdom entrepreneurs to give you a leg up.  


Create A Community Group

gather those around your same passion

Have a passion? Why don’t you form a community group in your city to connect other people who love it too? We’ll help you do it and get it going. Create a community group.


Create an Outreach

serve those in your community

Is there a problem or person in your community that needs to experience the goodness and kindness of God through an act of service or gift? Consider starting an outreach to bless them in the name of Jesus.