Thank You

We just celebrated 10 years of weekly services. Thanks for being part of our local community. We are no longer meeting every week, but will be updating the podcast and hosting the occasional gathering. Text your name to 916-246-2468 to stay in touch.


Our 10 Year Celebration and Last Weekly Service

For 10 years, we met every Thursday night. While we are ending our weekly Thursday night gatherings, you can still listen to our podcasts. Be sure to text your name to 916-246-2468 and be alerted to groups and gatherings.

Here is what other people are saying about Epic Life

  • Pamela "Epic is one of my favorite places ever! I have found it to be a loving community where I've met some of the best women! I have experienced so much growth in many areas of my life and it's just fun to have a group of friends that have the same beliefs I do!! If you want to connect with some awesome people definitely come visit us and get involved in small groups! Women's Bible study is one of my faves!"  -Pamela
  • Dorothy "Last year I was in need a place to belong. What I found was Epic Life. The straight-forward, on point sermons challenged me. The endless discipleship opportunities through small groups, Bible studies and fun activities included me.  What I didn't anticipate but needed most was the sense of family that I found. Being part of Epic changed my life and how view community."  -Dorothy
  • Daniel "Epic Life has been life changing for my wife and me. At a point when our relationship with God was really getting REAL, God brought us to Epic where we have made the most amazing friends, ones we'll have for life I'm sure. The sermons are awesome--relatable and profound (go Eric K.!). Epic is indeed a very special place that has to be personally experienced to appreciate."  -Daniel
  • Jaclyn "My favorite thing about Epic Life is the people. Living in this community has allowed me to grow while having fun and making life-long friends. Stick around long enough and you'll see how everyone is transparent, loving, and just a blast!"  -Jaclyn
  • Calin "Epic Life has been a place where I have met people who have become lifelong friends, I have grown in all aspects of my life as a result of these relationships, teachings and life applications received at Epic Life. I love the people and how the Word of God is communicated so effectively."  -Calin
  • "Epic Life has restored my faith in the church family. The teaching is Biblical and full of God's grace and truth. My husband and I have made friends who have taught us what it means to enjoy the blessing of a place where you are accepted, loved, included, and where you can have a lot of fun loving and serving God!"   -Whitney