The Vision

What Epic Life is all about.

We give people powerful experiences with God through prayer, biblical teaching, inspirational worship and a hungry atmosphere for growth.  We are raising up a generation of people who love radically, proclaim boldly and live passionately.  We are pursuing the kind of life that demands an explanation. We call this living an Epic Life.

We radically love people.

Whoever you are, wherever you have been and whatever you are doing, you are welcome here. We do not focus on anyone’s past but instead are committed to helping people move forward by breaking deadly patterns and demolishing strongholds over our lives.

We are awakening people to God

It is not enough to simply know about God. We have been designed to know God, talk with God, hear from God and live with God. We equip people by showing them what is available to them when they are in relationship with Jesus.

We are hungry for growth

We are not content in staying the same. We are hungry to grow deeper in faith, love and hope. We believe all things are possible and believe you too are a powerful person who can be more. We have groups, programs and gatherings to help everyone reach his or her potential.

We are revealing people’s giftings

We believe you are meant to participate with God in redeeming and renewing all things. God’s power is waiting to be unleashed in you through your unique capabilities, passions and giftings. You have a role to play and the world needs you to step forward and walk into who you were meant to be.

We are young, diverse and dangerous

Our community consists of people in their 20s and early 30s from nearly every color, race and ethnicity you can imagine. We have dozens of different cultures and countries present in our community which makes our environment energetic, adaptive and welcoming. Our ministry has a reach into over 70 countries through our podcast and live broadcast. We are equipping people to change the world through deep personal relationship with Jesus, knowledge of the Word, and power of the Holy Spirit.

We Are World Changers

We have an insatiable craving to impact our world and influence our community. We frequently serve our local community and are committed to reaching the nations. Each year our community members reach the corners of the earth to make a difference and welcome you to join us in being the change of the world.